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"There is no difference between Communism and Socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: Communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism - by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide." - A. Rand
Occidental Observer: The Notion of Racial Diversity in German Academia and National-Socialist Legislation, Part 1
Altright.com: The Generation Identitaire Model
Amren: Who’s White; Who’s Not?

Amerika: Antiwork - Bureaucracy, Not Capitalism, Is Crushing Your Soul Through Jobs
Amerika: Racial Quotas Increase Oligarchy
Altright.com: ‘True Conservatives’ Can’t Win, Only Undermine Trump
Altright.com: Tranny Demands Boycott Of L’Oreal After Being Fired For Anti-White Tirade
Amren: Notes from a White Country, Part IV

Amerika: Love, Sex and Marriage
Amren: Through the Eyes of a Nigerian Race Realist
Red Ice: Paul Ryan Attempts to Save DACA – Sad!
Amerika: Be A Lighthouse (So You Can Feel Good About Failing)
Amerika: Democracy’s Triumph - Idiocracy
Occidental Observer: Assault on Psychology - Research on Race Differences Anathematized
Altright.com: Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell Denied Bail
Amerika: A Guide to Reading Left
Vox Popoli: Forced convergence

Red Ice: Trump Expected to Announce End to DACA
Counter-Currents: Rebranding the Right
Vox Popoli: Alt-Internet
Altright.com: Leaderless Resistance
Altright.com: An Administration of Counter-Signalers
Counter-Currents: The Geopolitics of Jason Jorjani
Altright.com: Arktos Newsletter #62
Amerika: Hiring Mercenaries Signifies The Death-Cycle of The American Republic
Red Ice: Federal Judge Blocks Ban on Sanctuary Cities in Texas

Counter-Currents: My Conversation with Andrew Anglin
Counter-Currents: China’s Sinister Strategy for Global Dominance
Amerika: How the Right-Wing Backlash That Elected Donald J. Trump Began
Occidental Observer: Gender Bender: Feminist Ideology Goes Off the Deep End
Amerika: Anarchy, Confederacy and Tyranny
Altright.com: Antifa Violence Now Belongs to GOP’s Cuck Wing After Pelosi Disavows
Hell Freezes Over: Nancy Pelosi Condemns Antifa

Counter Currents: On Vetting & Entry into a White Ethnostate, Part III
Counter-Currents: "Jews Will Not Replace Us" - What Normies Need to Know
Amerika: Why “Studies” Fail and Why the Left Loves Them
Amerika: Why National Socialism and White Nationalism Have Become Obsolete
Amerika: Follow the Leader
Altright.com: The Police Are Militarizing Against The Alt-Right

Altright.com: The Juggalos And The Alt-Right Are Going To Throw Down
Altright.com: Alt-Lite ‘Freedom Rally’ Cancelled In San Fran
Occidental Observer: The Moral Battle
Amren: Am I the First Victim of YouTube’s New Censorship?
Amerika: Houston Shows Us The Future Of The USA
Amren: Boycott the Goolag
Amerika: Folk Heroes Of The Apocalypse
Counter-Currents: The Future Is White

Amerika: Twilight of the Republic
Altright.com: Aryan Skynet Here We Come
Amerika: Avoiding The Fate Of The Know-Nothings
Occidental Observer: Silent Sisterhood Revisited: Another Vibrant Rape Gang, Another Liberal Lie-Fest
Amren: What Can Replace Religion?
AmerikaAll Conservatives (Even Cucks) Will Be Alt-Right For 15 Minutes

Amerika: Subsequent Generations of Immigrants Turn To Terrorism, Proving Diversity and Assimilation Wrong
Amerika: Socialism Attracts People Who Do Not Understand The World Enough to Know They Are Wrong
Amerika: Watching the Establishment Unite Against Us, Western People Are Turning to the Alt Right  
Altright.com: The New Trump Presidency Provides The Alt-Right With An Opportunity
Altright.com: Mike Enoch’s Insider Take On Charlottesville
Amren: “Africa Greets You”: The Anti-White Terrorism of Mark Essex

Occidental Observer: If Elected Party Leader, Zionist Anne Marie Waters Will Sound UKIP’s Death Knell, Part 1
Red Ice: Stefan Zweig - Contradiction and Self-Deception
Amren: The Left Reveals Itself (Audio)
Vox Popoli: What say you, supporters
Vox Popoli: The crackdown cometh
Vox Popoli: Winning the rhetorical battle
Altright.com: Anglin Broke the Internet (or Rather Overorganized, Overreacting Jewry Did)
Counter-CurrentsWinter is Coming for White Advocacy - Update on the Attacks on Counter-Currents
What Still Unites Us?